Ways to Get a Flat Stomach Without Diet or Exercise (Part 1)

A few small changes really can thin your belly, but not because foods can reduce belly fat — especially when people has the idea that people can see clearly certain areas of the body through the foods consumption.
In fact, some specific food type can reduce fat and set you up for healthier habits both the short and the long term, without applying to crazy and dangerous dieting techniques.

Thinking about adding more of potassium, calcium, vitamin and magnesium to daily diet, and cutting back on sodium and carbohydrates by having daily snacks with veggie- and fruit-based, like an apple, pearl with nut butter; carrots with hummus, berries with yogurt, or swap a sweet potato or roasted squash with a sandwich. This naturally contains high in vitamin, mineral content and provides extra fiber. 

For short-term diet, people should go easy on the fruits and veggies such as kale, broccoli, legumes, and leafy greens. Even though they’re extremely nutritious foods, for the majority of time, these fiber foods can lead to high gas depending on the level of hydration and fiber consumed. But if the overall goal is to lose weight, eating more whole foods and getting exercise ade always a smart choice. In the meantime, apply these easy, science-based methods for a flatter belly:

Go to bed earlier.
Getting to bed a little sooner not only to avoid late-night snacking but to recharge. Not getting enough a full night’s rest reduce your body’s metabolism, so if you want to turn up your calorie burn, work on getting at least seven hours of sleep each day..

Don’t skip meals.

Another metabolism-boosting method: Eat small meal every three to four hours, starting from the time of getting breakfast. Researchers suggest that people who skip a morning meal experience an increase in a hunger-related hormone throughout the day. Regular snacks which should include fiber food, complex carbs and protein, will keep the stomach feel full and help the body burning calories at a quicker rate.