Top sport lose belly fat fastest

1. Badminton

Recently, badminton is also ranked among the most effective belly fat reduction sports today. This is a sport that is very popular with the women, the movements of running, supporting the bridge, throwing the ball, jumping high help the legs more solid, the hands are flexible and the abdominal muscles more supple. Only after a period of practice, surely you will see a noticeable change in your waist.

2. Jogging

Losing belly fat by jogging is the most popular and trusted way to lose weight. In just half an hour, a woman weighing 65kg will “burn” 570 kilo of calories. To effectively reduce belly fat by jogging you:

– Jog every morning and evening, about 30-45 minutes.

– Light jogging, does not need fast intensity but must focus on forward to create posture and force.

– Choose clothes that are comfortable and sweat-proof.

3. Aerobic

Aerobic exercise is also one of the most popular belly fat reduction sports today. This sport has up to 10 different “branches”, of which the aerobic type with the up and down moves is considered to be most effective. By constantly swapping your feet on a low platform, you can burn 310 – 410 kilos of calories in less than 45 minutes. However you should note:

– Should practice at least 5 aerobic sessions/week

– Do not forget to start before starting exercises to avoid muscle tension, cramps.

– Choose the exercises that suit your health

4. Swimming

You know not swimming is a sport that reduces belly fat is considered to have the most long-term effect. The movements during swimming have a direct effect on the muscles in the abdomen. In particular, regular swimming is also good for health, good for the vascular system, helps reduce belly fat and firm muscles effectively. And with only 45 minutes of swimming you have lost up to 600 kilo of calories.

5. Boxing

In addition to methods to lose weight by swimming and jogging or aerobic… you can also choose a sport to lose belly fat effectively Thai boxing. This is a sport that requires a lot of energy through strenuous activities such as kicking, punching and moving. Practicing this sport can help the body to consume energy up to 500 kilo calories per hour.