Belly Fat Facts You Never Knew! (Part 1)

Trying to decrease belly fat? Most people feel it difficult achieving this goal. If you don’t know what makes belly fat the hardest part to lose, here are 12 belly facts you need to know.

Drinking Green Tea Does Not Burn Belly Fat

Although revealed as truth in many researches, it had been proven wrong in the largest analysis. Besides, one need to drink at least 7-10 glasses of green tea without added sugar to potentially burn fat. Not to mention, Caffeine from these amount is hazardous for health while the weight loss results are insignificant.

No Special Diet can Decrease Belly Fat

None of the fast diets or special diets are capable of burning away that stubborn fat. No wonder it persistently sits on tummy despite all those diets. A healthier diet is the key to alter appetize which set foundation for reducing the tummy. Simple healthy diet plan consists of of all essential nutrients and vitamins.

Sit-ups ALONE cannot Burn Belly Fat

A 100 sit-up session will not really help burn belly fat without weighted exercises that directly target the fat. Sit-ups are only helpful for increasing muscles strength!

A Sedentary Lifestyle Piles on all of that Fat

Are you sitting most of the time throughout the day? If yes, then you need to stop doing so. Sitting for long hours creates a perfect environment for belly fat to increase. So remember get up every half an hour and walk around. You may even do light exercises to help the body stretching and fight belly fat.

Stress Adds to the Belly Fat

Stress is a major contributor of obesity while most people are unaware of this. Instead their attention are placed in the wrong direction such as alter diet, or spend hours in the gym only to see the fat keep coming back. Not taking healthy diet and unable to stop feeling stressful are an open invitation to belly fat.